Someone who studied chemical engineering, is interested in data science, and enjoys learning.


MSc., Chemical Engineering (Separation Processes), University of Tehran
Thesis title: Quantum simulation of adsorption behavior of ozone gas toward phosphorene nano-structures.

BSc., Chemical Engineering, University of Tehran
Thesis title: Simulation of divided-wall columns

Professional Experiences:

Internship, Laboratory instruments development, installation and calibration, TekMedIran, Technology Development Center, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran.

Internship and Student in charge, As Military Service Period, Central Laboratory, University of Tehran.

Teaching Assistant, Processes’ Controlling, University of Tehran.

Internship, Piping Designing and Engineering Section, Nargan Engineers and Constructors
, Tehran, Iran.

Teaching Assistant, Advance Kinetics and Reaction Engineering, University of Tehran.


Enhancing the interaction between CO and single layer black phosphorous via transition metals impurities and external electric field: a theoretical study

Modified 2D-Phosphorous as a novel adsorbent for Ozone gas: a theoretical study

Adsorption Behavior of Ozone on the Modified Phosphorene: A Theoretical Study

Research Interests:

Data science in environmental processes analyzing, Molecular dynamics in sensors and environmental catalysts, Computational chemistry in waste treatment, Environmental Separation processes simulation, Mass data handling, Data science & Machine learning in process modelling, Process control and electronics, Programming, Optimization algorithm